Pristine Engineers, Inc. offers coordinated, energy efficient and comprehensive MEP & FP engineering services with a focus on adding value to the project and the design team. We focus on designing highly efficient, cost-effective and easy maintenance systems. We provide engineering, designing, and construction administration services on Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning (HVAC), Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Renewable Energy Systems. Latest Auto CAD and or Revit being utilized as MEP & FP drafting tools are BIM software.


Mechanical engineering at PEI focuses on creating healthy and comfortable indoor environments for the occupants. Designing mechanical systems that balance thermal comfort, Indoor air quality, controls, reliability, redundancy, flexibility, cost, efficiency, and aesthetics require a team effort. We focus on optimizing environments for comfort, humidity and temperature control, and ventilation to support the needs of various spaces. We prioritize client communication so that they understand the issues clearly and can make informed choices. We optimize design through energy modeling and BIM software to integrate systems and reduce energy, water and carbon emissions.

Our mechanical experience ranges from the installation of a split system to serve a single room to the complete design of 100,000+ square feet facility. Our experience also includes the analysis and upgrade of existing HVAC systems. Our engineers work diligently to satisfy both energy goals for building owners and comfort requirements for building occupants.We design HVAC systems and controls for all building types.


  • Master Planning, feasibility studies and system analysis
  • Complete Heating Ventilation and air conditioning system design
  • Air distribution systems and Water distribution systems
  • Energy Recovery systems Boiler and Chiller plant design
  • Building energy modeling and energy analysis
  • life cycle analysis
  • Controls system Geothermal energy systems
  • Design high efficient Mechanical systems for USGBC LEED certification
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Stairwell pressurization systems
  • Humidification/Dehumidification Systens
  • Energy code compliance
  • Construction administration

30% of our work includes mechanical engineering and studies.


Our professional mechanical engineers registered in 7 states (MA, RI, NH, VT, CT, ME & NY).


Our engineers understand that the electrical systems form the foundation that makes the building and equipment come to life. We balance the rigorous requirements of life safety and code compliance with practicality and aesthetic considerations to deliver a design that supports the life of the building and delivers on our client’s vision for the project. We coordinate our lighting systems with the architectural designs to enhance natural lighting, which, in addition to our electrical distribution design, contributes significantly to reduce the building energy consumption. We focus on safety, reliability, and flexibility of the building occupants as well as providing controls where required. Our goal is to conceptualize and develop safe, reliable and effective electrical systems, with flexibility for future growth that can sustainably support the life of buildings long into the future. We have expertise in electrical systems engineering across multiple building types. The peace of mind we can offer our client gives us great satisfaction.


• Complete building power systems design and distribution.
• Power Systems Analysis and Studies.
• Medium and high voltage building service design.
• Building lighting, site lighting, and lighting control systems.
• Arc flash analysis, coordination studies, emergency generators.
• Fault current and overcurrent coordination studies
• Emergency and standby power distribution.
• Lightning Protection systems.
• Grounding design.
• Fire alarm systems.
• Life safety systems. Image

30% of our work includes electrical engineering and studies.



Plumbing systems are the unsung hero of any building. Starting at the earliest stages, we focus on tailoring the design to meet your unique requirements. The results are efficient and reliable systems that can stand the test of time. As with all other systems, plumbing systems must be harmonized to suit client objectives for sustainability, user convenience, project cost constraints, and physical space limitations. Our plumbing experts are ready to assist you with the design of reliable systems at any scale. Our expertise includes preparing the plumbing layout design and detailing, piping and plumbing shop/coordination drawings, piping construction drawings, and material take-offs for various components. We look to the future with a focus on the practical application of “green” technology and LEED credit strategies within the plumbing discipline.


  • Feasibility study and Master planning.
  • Domestic hot water and cold water supply and distribution systems.
  • Sanitary waste and vent systems.
  • Stormwater and clear water waste drainage systems
  • Natural gas distribution system.
  • Compressed air system.
  • Rainwater collection systems.
  • Grease waste systems.
  • Acid neutralization systems.
  • Special piping and storage systems.
  • Sustainable plumbing solutions.

25% of our work includes electrical engineering and studies.


Fire protection

Fire protection design is a crucial segment of building services engineering. Our fire protection specialists design for versatility, always with the safety and security of building occupants and operations in mind. Our engineers offer solutions that meet or exceed the performance requirements of relevant codes and provide cost-effective and tailor-made strategies. We understand the unique needs of diverse building types, spaces, and level of hazards, and have knowledge in the implementation of various types of extinguishing systems including water mist, FM 200, and carbon dioxide. Our experience and industry knowledge means we can handle any type or size of a project, from a small tenant remodel to a mixed-use development or high-rise. We’re committed to quality engineering through a collaborative team approach. We maintain the utmost attention to detail because we never lose sight of the fact that lives and livelihoods could depend on it. We specialize in challenging designs environments, including buildings that involve historic preservation or considerations for sensitive aesthetic criteria, tight physical constraints or campus-wide needs.


  • Wet sprinkler and standpipe system design.
  • Dry sprinkler and standpipe system design.
  • Pre-Action sprinkler system design.
  • FM 200 system design.
  • Fire Pump design.

15% of our work includes electrical engineering and studies.



Every project can achieve significant energy savings through thoughtful decisions and smart resource allocation. It’s about doing more with less, applying sustainable solutions, and making the right decision for the future to achieve our clients’ sustainability goals. We have worked diligently over the last decade to integrate sustainable concepts into our standard business practices. We make our best efforts to deliver sustainable and energy-efficient designs. We believe that every decision should be enhanced by environmental considerations and that sustainable design isn’t a specialty service – it’s a best practice.


  • Energy and water benchmarking.
  • Energy Modeling.
  • Tax incentives/rebate analysis.
  • Energy code compliance.
  • Rebate considerations/tax credits – applications.
  • Qualifying for energy grants and incentives.
  • MEP Design for LEED certification.
  • Life cycle cost analysis.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM).

We have fully embraced BIM (Building Information Modeling) using Revit as our design tool. We have completed a lot of MEP/FP projects in Revit and maintain an ongoing training program for our entire staff to meet the continually evolving Revit design demands. Collaboration is the keystone of our culture and using BIM technology makes it very easy for us We take pride in our ability to offer a range of strategies and alternatives to improve the construction process and project results.