Renewable Energy

Geothermal Energy HVAC systems are cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.  Many property owners view it as an initial expensive investment, but in reality, the system is not expensive at all when one looks at the cost benefit analysis.

A geothermal system offers a cost-effective solution considering the system payback period, system’s higher efficiency, operating & maintenance cost, cash flow, life-span, life cycle cost analysis and saves the world from global warming. The system payback  period for geothermal is how long it takes to recoup the initial cost of an installation of a geothermal system based on the energy & maintenance cost savings versus the difference in the costs between geothermal and traditional systems. In most cases, the initial incremental cost of installing a geothermal system can be recovered with a five- to seven-year payback period. In some cases, the Federal/ State tax rebates, utility company’s energy rebates, etc. could cover the incremental installation cost entirely even in a year.


Geothermal systems can be used in new construction, as well as for retrofit applications for any types of residential, commercial, educational, schools, colleges, universities, industrial, and health care facilities. Any property development requiring renewable energy and/or LEED credits are the ideal option of geothermal system. Geothermal systems offer an excellent approach for heating, cooling and hot water with one system – as opposed to having a fuel furnace, boilers, cooling towers, chillers and a water heater. One system versus several systems requires much less maintenance cost and less energy cost. A geothermal system is easier to manage as one system as opposed to the cost of maintaining multiple systems for heating, cooling and hot water. The geothermal system eliminates the use of boilers, cooling towers, and chillers, etc. Thus, it eliminates the accidental gas explosion possibilities and outdoor noise pollution. It also cuts the carbon emission to the atmosphere and helps save the world from global warming. A few Geothermal Energy Projects were completed by our staff professionals while affiliated with other firms.
Pristine Engineers professional staff are experienced in renewable energy geothermal system design and construction management. As a leader in the geothermal system industry, PEI offers developers and property owners geothermal due diligence/ feasibility studies, operating & maintenance cost studies, payback period analysis, and system design and construction administration services.